Thursday, 23 February 2012

NICON 2012

NiCon 2012

WHEN: Queens Birthday Weekend 3rd & 4th of June 2012
WHERE: Auckland City Guard Club, Freemans Bay Community Centre, 52 Hepburn St, Auckland.

Emails to register will be required to the registrar before entry into the tournament will be accepted. This is to ensure that you are entered into the tournament properly and to help with logistics.

  • NiCon WHFB Tournament - 2400pts, 6 scenarios
  • Nicon Warhammer 40K - 1850pts of 6 missions
  • Nicon Warmachine "NZ TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP" - 35pts Teams Event
  • Flames of War
  • DBR
  • FoGN
  • Blood Bowl

Please Note:
  • Limited places available as the hall will fit a maximum of 150.
  • With the big wargaming community interest in tournaments at present it would be advisable to register early to save disappointment if the tournament fills out.
  • Your place in the tournament will only be held with paid entry or arrangements have been made prior to the registrar.

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