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Warmachine @ Nicon 2012

Queens Birthday weekend,
Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th June 2012

Event Information:
NICon, the annual North Island Wargaming Convention, will be run by the Auckland Cityguard this coming year; and will be host to the second annual Warmachine and Hordes New Zealand Team Championship, in continuation of the format set out in NICon 2012.

Players may register for the event as a team of three, or singularly where a team will be arranged.


This event is will run off the standard Steamroller 2012 playerpack, but being a team event is subject to certain rules alterations, which we detail below (over page).

The Steamroller 2012 playerpack is available for download from Privateer Press from the following web address:

We will be using the One List Required, 7-Round Event, Casual Time Limits and No Killbox, No Reinforcements variants as a baseline for the tournament, as well as the extra team based variations.

To register for this event team leaders should email:

The price is as follows:
  • Team Registration - $120 ($40pp)
  • Late Registration - after April $135 ($45pp)
  • Late Registration (at the E/Os discretion) - after 16th of May $165 ($55pp)

Daily Timetable:

Saturday 4th
08:00 – Registration/Table setup and
08:20 – TO Breifing
08:30 – Match One Draw
08:45 – 10:15 Match 1
10:30 – 12:00 Match 2
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch (Leave your army out for painting, if you wish, for voting.)
13:00 – 14:30 Match 3
15:00 – 16:30 Match 4

Sunday 5th
08:30 – 10:00 Match 5
10:30 – 12:00 Match 6
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13:00 – 14:30 Match 7
14:30 Prize Giving

Team Rules Variations

As a team championship, this event requires extra variations not provided for in the SR2012 play pack, here we detail the extra rules that will be in use. Players are advised to read both these rules and the official SR2012 player pack, if there is any confusion or you have any questions feel free to contact the TO, preferably prior to the event (for your own clarification).

Teams consist of three players working together. Players will fight in Battles individually but combine their scores at the end of each round to determine placing. There will be no individual winner of this event instead a Team will be crowned as Champions and take home the goodies. These Teams are organised before the event.

Team Leader:
Prior to any games commencing, each team must nominate a Leader. This will be the person to liaise with the TO at the beginning of Tournament Rounds and who will play the Team Feat when required (see below).

Team Feat:
Each Team also has a “Team Feat”, a once per tournament ability that their Team Leader may use immediately after the Team Pairings for a round have been declared (see Team Pairings Schedule below).

The Team Feat allows a Team to select one of the following abilities to be applied to the current Match:

  1. Choose all of the Battle Pairings for this Match.
  2. Choose which type of scenario is played for this Match.
  3. Choose the table on which each Battle is fought for this Match.

This allows a Team the opportunity to prepare for an anticipated difficult round or to organise themselves to make the most of a perceived advantage.

Leaders Feat in secret, notifying the TO individually, other Teams may know a Feat has been used but not which one until announced. This allows Teams to counter Feat but it is still a gamble to choose which one to use. Some knowledge of the different scenarios available will help the Teams make decisions.
  • If both Teams in a Match use Feat 1 they cancel each other out and no effect is applied. If both Teams use Feat 2 then a dice roll will determine which type of scenario will be used. If both Teams use Feat 3 they cancel each other out and no effect is applied.
  • If Teams use different Feats in a Match both effects are applied. (eg Team A uses Feat 1 and Team B uses Feat 2, Team A will decide the Battle Pairings for the Match but Team 2 will decide which type of scenario is used.)

Army Building and List Requirements:
Each player is required to bring ONE 35 point list, subject to standard Steamroller list construction requirements. Note that the Reinforcements Artifice will not be used during this event, so Reinforcements need not be added to lists.

There is absolutely no requirement for the players in a team to use the same Faction. However, strong character restrictions will apply across a teams lists, with epic versions of a character being considered the same charater; this applies to all FA:C models.
e.g. if one member of a team has Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, then no other member of the team may have Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios or Eiryss, Angel of Retribution in their list.

This means a Team will consist of THREE 35 point lists commanded by three different Warcasters/Warlocks.

Individual Pairings and Table Sides:
In a Team Event the three players of one Team fight it out against the three players from another Team; this is called a Match. Each Match is divided into three battles, fought one on one; these three battles proceed as per standard game rules with no team interaction.

The battle pairings in a match are decided by dice roll between the Leaders of each Team. The winner of the dice roll chooses the first pairing, the opposing Leader can then choose the second pairing, subsequently third pairing is also then decided. The opposing leader can then also choose what side of the table his team will play on (all players of a team play on the same side of a table).

Team Pairings Schedule:
The team pairings for a tournament round of Matches will, hopefully, follow these steps:
  • TO announces which Teams will face off in this group of Matches; the scenario these Matches will use; and the group of three tables each Match will be played on.
  • Teams are given time (1 Minute) to decide if they will Feat this round.
  • All Leaders tell the TO if they will Feat or not and which one they will use.
  • TO announces who has Feated and if the scenario has been changed by Feat.
  • Teams determine Battle Pairings for this Match either by dice roll (as detailed above) or by Feat.
  • Teams determine which table each Battle will play on, either by a D3 roll or by Feat.
  • Battle Pairings Dice roll for first turn
  • Battle Pairings then have 10 minutes for deployment on their respective tables.
  • TO begins the round and starts the timer.

Team Rankings:
Round draws will follow the standard Steamroller format with the exception that rankings will be determined by a Teams (combined) number of wins first, followed by (combined) Control points, and finally Strength of Schedule. Assassination victories will score 1 bonus control point in addition to any scored before the assassination was achieved. The top two ranking Teams from round 6 will play for first and second place during round 7.

This competition is about having fun so feel free to apply any Team rules to you and your Team mates, e.g. In Team Pirate all players must always speak like a pirate; and in Team Red Bull you must drink a Red Bull before each battle.

Teams are encouraged to dress alike or theme themselves so that they can be identified. This event is about getting as many players of different levels of abilities to compete as possible and show how much fun can be had playing Warmachine and Hordes.

There will be a large variety of prizes to be won … all the usual and some extras. ;)

This will be an SR2012 event, unless otherwise stated SR2012 rules apply, including the common Player Responsibilities and Sportsmanship Requirements.

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