Monday, 18 June 2012

CanOpener and BoardGames

Another excellent charity event for The City Mission this year which we hold annually at the Club and the convention is "CanOpener". With all proceeds and Cans of food donated by all attending going towards the needy it's a event you should be getting out ya door and be supporting. Not to worry it's on again around the same time next year. This year we saw some great competitors and some good prizes from our sponsors too. Honorary mention especially to "Slave to Painting", " Battle Front Miniatures", & Mister Minute.

Just some of the great supporters and winners at the event.

We had some brilliant ranges of Board Games at the event too and SchilMil Games was gracious in attending and brought their NZ new designed game to the venue for us to try out. Really quick to learn and designed for the whole family it looks like it will do very well and "Komodo", is available at all your games stockists.

One of my favourites was also there on the weekend and it was great to break it out and have a 5 player game of it. Quick to play and a classic German board game of the genre. I highly recommend it and with a hot cup of coffee and a few biscuits this is a great winter staple.

CanOpener finishes for another year and next on the calendar is GuardCon Here

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