Thursday, 28 June 2012

Wargaming for Charity

What looked to be a bit of a slow start to CanOpener 2012 resolved into a relaxing and enjoyable day of gaming.
The numbers were a bit low, but the results of the day were really rewarding. With every player walking away with something from the event, whether it be a podium prize, a spot prize or a feeling of just having had a really good day at the Auckland City Guard Club. We had in our midst a very welcome contingent of board gamers, amongst them a couple of familiar faces, who it was good to see.

Another welcome addition to the event was the representation from the Auckland City Mission. James was a great sport. He was very intrigued by the whole gaming thing. I introduced him to Fantasy, and in true City Guard spirit, he whooped me Smiley. James then joined in with the boardgamers
and afterwards had a game of FOW. I get the impression that we may have a new member soon Wink
I expect the other TO’s will like to comment on their games, but instead of stealing their thunder, I will just mention a couple of the Fantasy Highlights.
First place, after a bit of an absence from the club, was Nick (Captain Softscores), 2nd place to Logan (First Tournament) , 3rd place Graeme (Nerdymen).
Steve was there with Flames of War. He umpired a game for 4 newbies, Daryl (Big D) took out first place there. I got a chance to join in and even I had some successes with the game, getting Daryl to roll dice for me probably helped Smiley.
I need to mention a word of thanks here:
Thank you to Battle front miniatures, who sent over a large box of cans, as well as some very generous prizes. 
Thank you to Slave to Painting, who sent in a whole heap of spot prizes, which were scattered between the games appropriately. I know Aaron Cue appreciated his spot prize, as we have been talking recently about Mantic models.
Thank you to my wife, for running the kitchen (Archenemy will be the next to benefit from my wife’s cooking).
And last, but not least, thank you to all the gamers, who made set-up and pack up an enjoyable part of the event.
Can tally: 500 cans to The Auckland City Mission. Target for next year: 1000?
Direct Cash donation to The Auckland City Mission: $135


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